Northern Lights Tour at Lodge

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Head out of Fairbanks and away from the light pollution of the city for the chance to glimpse the magic of the Northern Lights at a wilderness lodge. In warmth and comfort, sip on a mug of hot chocolate or stay awake with coffee as you take in this enchanting far-north spectacle. The aurora viewing tour lasts about 6 hours.

Venture out of Fairbanks to our cozy lodge for unobstructed views in an ideal spot for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Stay warm in the van, or hop out to breathe in the fresh air during a night spent star-gazing and marveling at this natural phenomenon. This Aurora Borealis Tour takes you away from city lights.

Get picked up from your hotel in Fairbanks and head out of the city. Escape the city light pollution as you make your way to our secluded lodge. Our guide will bring you back to your hotel around three o’clock in the morning. Watch for shooting stars and chat with your guide about the science behind the Aurora Borealis. Set up your camera equipment to take photos of the aurora as it dances. Prefer a more active, hands-on Northern Lights adventure? Check out our Northern Lights Tour at Murphy Dome!

Note: Airlink Shuttle and Tours cannot guarantee that the Northern Lights will appear on your tour. The Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates that guests who stay in Fairbanks three or more days have a 90% chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Let Airlink Shuttle and Tours maximize your chances of seeing nature’s light show.

The Best Times for Aurora Viewing

The ideal time of the year for an Aurora viewing in Fairbanks is from mid-August until through mid-April.

Fairbanks is a great location to see the Aurora Borealis. To have the best chance to see the Aurora, you need to get away from the city lights of Fairbanks. That is why we bring you to our secluded lodge.

There is a chance you can see the aurora at other times of the year, but we have found mid-August through mid-April are the best months to have a chance for an aurora viewing.  This is because it needs to be dark to view the aurora. We have found that the best times of day to view the aurora in Fairbanks is from 10pm to 3am.

There may not be enough darkness in Fairbanks during the spring and summer to see the Aurora. Alaska receives more sun during these months. In fact, Fairbanks gets 24 hours of light for a long period in the summer.

Predicting the aurora is like trying to predict the weather. It can be tricky. While there is no guarantee, The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a Geophysical Institute that has done a great job of forecasting the best chance to view the aurora. The UAF gives you a daily forecast as well as a 28-day forecast. The page includes a map as well as a good explanation of the science of the aurora.

Optimal Weather Conditions

In order to truly appreciate the spectacular display of light from the Aurora, you need clear skies.  The weather can change quickly in Fairbanks.  We have found that most weather sites can give you a fairly accurate 10 day forecast.  In our opinion, we have found that AccuWeather is the easiest and most accurate to look at.  We really like this site because you can look at the evening/overnight forecast as well a a rough forecast to the next month.


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