Dog Mushing Tour

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What’s there to do during the winter months in Fairbanks, Alaska? Well, why not try Alaska’s state sport — dog mushing. We can’t think of a anything more relaxing and therapeutic than cruising through the birch forests of Interior Alaska with a group of happy huskies. Our tours are always led by experienced, professional dog mushers who take the utmost care of their dogs which they view as family members. Guests can alternate between sitting in the chute (a great place for photos) or riding on a tow-along sled.

Over the River and Through The Woods

Our Dog sledding adventure goes both up and downhill through a network of birch and spruce forests. The power and endurance of our huskies will amaze you. We start our tour with a unique “hands on” tour of our kennel where you will meet the dogs and mushers. Our mushers are experienced and often run competitive races with the dogs at the kennel.

Our mushing tours all originate and stay on our 300 acre property just East of Fairbanks, Alaska. Our location is an original Alaska homestead that has operated as a kennel and dog mushing business for over 20 years. Our property contains a unique, extension network of forests, trails, hills and valleys. You’ll feel like your crossing the state of Alaska on the Yukon Quest sled dog race without ever leaving Fairbanks.

Hands On, Paws On

For many of our guests the tour through our beautiful Interior Alaska birch forests is not the icing on the cake. Dog lovers will enjoy interacting with all of our 56 sled dogs at the kennel. These dogs are not just athletes but also our family members and we treat them like we would want our children to be treated. Our mushers will share tails from the trail and give some insight into the unique personalities each of our dogs have. Remember that these mushers are also experienced professional having many year of competing with these dogs including long-distance races such as the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

An Educational Experience

Learn how raise one of the finest animals on our planet, the Alaskan Husky, from pup to lead dog. Our guides will explain how they bond with their team, how they pick the dogs they will race with, the language they use to communicate with the team and how they handle dangers on the trail such as bear or moose. Dog mushing is an international sport with racers visiting Alaska from around the world. It’s a great idea to ask the musher if he’s ever competed with someone from your state or country. It’s a small world and dog mushing is a small, tightly-knit community so everyone knows each other.

This tour is suitable for tourists with no previous mushing or outdoor winter sport experience. Our season starts as soon as snow flies in Fairbanks (usually around 15 October) and continues until its all gone (beginning of April).


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